10 reasons viewing offices is essential

When viewing offices pay attention to reception areas

Viewing offices, comparing options.

When looking for an office it’s important to judge them on a like for like basis. Here are our top ten reasons for viewing offices before you make any decisions.

1. Physically see the office

Viewing offices answers many questions. Offices range from large suites to small boxes. Some offices have plenty of natural light whereas some rely on artificial light. Seeing an office lets you see the quality of the work environment, the impression you will give to customers and whether or not you will feel comfortable there. At Oakwood Park all of our offices have at least one window, ample additional lighting and a high quality finish.

2. It’s all about size

Viewing offices allows you to discern what size and shape of office will suit you best. You can plan where essential furniture will go and judge whether or not you need more, or less, space. This will all influence the price so it’s essential to know exactly what you’re after. Viewing offices helps you do this quickly and easily.

3. Budget

When viewing offices you can discuss your budget and work out the most cost effective solution for you. People often pay more for storage than they do office space – without realising it. It may work out as more economical to take a larger office to give you the storage space needed rather than paying high prices for it elsewhere.

4. What’s included?

Different office providers include different things in the initial price. What sounds like a good deal can soon escalate in cost depending on ‘additional extras’ that you may not have considered. At Oakwood Park we include everything in the price so that you can budget or plan accordingly. Viewing offices gives you an opportunity to ask about additional costs and work these into your calculations accordingly.

5. Car parking

Is there ample car parking? Is it close to your office? Do you have to move the car during the day to avoid costly fines? Many in-town centres do not provide adequate car parking facilities or charge additional fees to have the use of them. At Oakwood Park Business Centre there is lots of free car-parking to make it easy for you, and your visitors, to park conveniently close to your offices. Car parking need not be a problem.

6. Accessibility

Viewing offices allows you to discuss access requirements. If you like to work out of hours you need to know that you can still access your office and that you can do so securely….which brings us to…

7. Security

Oakwood Park Business Centre has CCTV coverage and electric gates which close out of hours. In addition electronic key fob access and alarm control means that you can rest assured that you, and your office, is secure whatever time of day it is. When viewing offices at Oakwood Park you will have the opportunity to see how these work and ask any questions about these.

8. Privacy

When closing a deal on the phone you don’t want to be able to overhear someone else in a neighbouring office. If you can hear them then they can hear you. Viewing offices allows you to hear the difference in quality between the options available to you. If privacy is important to you factor this into your decision.

9. Terms and Conditions

The fine print. Everyone has it. Be careful not to be caught out with full repairing leases or unreasonable terms. Read your paperwork carefully. Viewing offices gives you chance to address the small print and ask questions regarding it.

10. Environment

Last but not least do you like the environment? Can you see yourself here? Would it be enjoyable, relaxing, stimulating, convenient to work from the offices you are viewing? Contact us today on 01423 779216 to book a no-obligation guided tour. See whether we would suit you.

We look forwards to meeting you.

The Oakwood Park Team



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