An office isn’t just for the boss….

An Office with Staff in The Acorns

What about my staff?

Sometimes when you are considering an office move there is a concern that staff won’t like the new office.  However, at Oakwood Park Business Centre we often hear that everyone enjoys being here. Green Energy Publishing tell us that their staff love coming to work – as evidenced in the testimonial on our contact page and they certainly aren’t the only ones to say that….

Robinsons MEA staff have this to say:

“Why going to working is a pleasure at Oakwood Park

I get up on a morning and travel away from the queue and frustration of traveling into town. Then as an added bonus I don’t have to fight for a parking space and it doesn’t cost a penny to park. The scenery on the way to the office is beautiful, as is the view from the office, especially in summer – where on the benches provided you can sit and eat your lunch. The setting is peaceful and there is a pond area where you can sit and chill taking in the scenery. The inside of the office is smart, new, exceedingly well finished and is a very pleasant environment to work in. If you are hesitating to make that decision, I would say do it! You won’t look back.” Sally Dickinson – Robinsons Mea

“I didn’t get to make the choice to come here, but it was a good one whoever did!

Helen and Alan made sure we had everything we needed when we moved and were very accommodating, with lots of vehicles coming in and out for a few days. During the early days of being in the office they would often pop in and check everything was ok which was a really nice touch. Our offices here are in a beautiful location with lots of parking. When the weather is in our favour we try and go for a walk around the site which is great to get some fresh air in such a nice area. Nowhere in the centre of Harrogate could match this! I would definitely recommend Oakwood Park to anyone looking for offices.” Katie Challis – Robinsons Mea

Why listening to staff opinions matters

Staff make up the workforce of your company. If they are happy everything runs smoothly. If they are unhappy you have a HR headache on your hands. At Oakwood Park Business Centre it’s really rewarding to hear that people here are happy and enjoying their working lives. Working hours add up to a significant part of the week for most people so we work hard to ensure the office environment here is both professional AND enjoyable. After all you don’t get those hours back at the end of the week!

Bring your staff with you

Contact us to book a no obligation viewing. See how easy we are to find and how lovely the offices are. You may even bring your staff with you when you move here!



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