Winter Improvements to Free Carparking

The Oakwood Park Team work to improve the free carparking in the grounds.

The frost is sparkling on the grass and the bright sunshine is slowly melting the ice here this morning. It’s a beautiful day to be working in such stunning surroundings. The nights are slowly stretching out. The first signs of Spring are making themselves known. As the birds are singing outside, the occasional pheasant struts around the free carparking.

Over the winter the car parks have been improved with wooden railings. Because of this investment, the grounds are looking more professional than ever. We never tire of hearing the compliments from visitors. As guests and clients come to visit offices here, they are inevitably impressed. The smart and attractive surroundings give a sense of ease, elegance and refinement.

The daily activities here at Oakwood Park Business Centre continued as normal through Winter. Delivery men and post men came and went. Companies continued to work hard. Tenants on site sold sofas, wrote articles and helped solve their clients problems. And the Oakwood Park Team put up a new building as the opportunity presented itself.

With extensive free carparking, no traffic chaos and beautiful surroundings, the high quality buildings and offices speak for themselves at Oakwood Park. Call on 01423 779216 to arrange a viewing today.


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