Lifestyle changes lead to happiness…

Entrance to Oakwood Park near Harrogate in Autumn

Being at Oakwood Park Business Centre allows you to build a better and healthier lifestyle, naturally. Autumn is approaching and the weather is getting cooler. The mornings and evenings have a crisp bite to them. It’s a time of year to get active and to change the way you do things. Drop some old habits and pick up some new ones.


Showers are all fully tiled with hands free controls

Showers are all fully tiled and private with hands free controls


Smart, clean on-site shower access means you can turn up to your office as fresh as a daisy. There’s no need to find time in your day to exercise when you can make it part of your daily lifestyle instead. At Oakwood Park Business Centre we are very close to Nidderdale’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You could tie in your commute with a regular exercise regime or perhaps have an occasional bike ride just for pleasure. We are the perfect starting point for you. The local scenery is wonderful to explore from the saddle of a bicycle. The changing colours of the leaves are beautiful at this time of year. The fresh, clean air and quieter trails make getting outside a pleasure.


Cycling Routes

There are many good cycle routes nearby, including the Sustrans one which runs from Harrogate to Ripley. The Tour de Yorkshire passed within 200 yards of us this Summer, so this route is a great option too. Depending on where you are coming from you can plan a commute that fits to your fitness level. Due to our location you have the freedom to increase the challenge as you progress so that you can continue to meet your exercise goals.

Running Routes

If cycling isn’t your thing perhaps running is? Cross country routes nearby link to the Nidderdale Way from Ripley up to Brimham Rocks giving a workout as long or as short as you’d like. If you prefer to avoid the mud there’s plenty of tarmacked options nearby too, which allow you to explore the local area.

Cycling to work is a lifestyle change

Cycling to work is a great lifestyle change

Local Attractions

If you have more time, or are out to impress, very little beats an amble around Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal. This National Trust property is only minutes away from us and looks glorious at all times of year. It’s a great way to entertain visitors to the area or to spend a family day out. Alternatively Ripley Castle, which is equally beautiful, is only a couple of minutes from us and has a lovely walk crossing a waterfall, which delights people of all ages.


Make a lifestyle change

An office at Oakwood Park is perfectly placed to help you improve your lifestyle.  Combine positive exercise goals and access to beautiful places with your working life. Changes can be positive and easy when you make them part of your lifestyle. With access to fresh air and a natural environment why not take advantage? Why settle for anything less than beautiful offices in  stunning surroundings when you don’t have to?

Contact us today on 01423 779216 to book a no-obligation viewing and experience Oakwood Park Business Centre for yourself.


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