NHS Diabetic Eye Screening move to Oakwood Park

The North Yorkshire NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme have recently moved into the Clocktower at Oakwood Park. They are part of a national network of screening services that provide front-line annual eye check ups for people with Diabetes. The North Yorkshire team currently has around 35,000 patients on its books and the area is divided into Scarborough, York and Harrogate regional offices. Oakwood Park is used as a base from which they run their mobile service into doctors’ surgeries across the region.
Martin Whipp of NYDESP explained, “During our search for a new base we looked at about half a dozen sites across the Harrogate area. Because we are a mobile service and travel across Yorkshire, we don’t need to be based right in the middle of Harrogate Town. Oakwood Park caught our eye because of the location, the fast internet connection and the competitive pricing.”


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