The wonderful Great Yorkshire Show

Rural Oakwood Park offices with parking

Due to our placement between Harrogate and Ripon, those working at Oakwood Park Business Centre have been largely unaffected by traffic disruptions or problems. A rural business centre gives unexpected benefits – working outside of town means that large scale events can be enjoyed instead of dreaded.

The final day of the 160th Great Yorkshire Show is here. Harrogate and the surrounding area has seen a great increase in traffic and visitors for the large Northern agricultural show, but here at Oakwood Park we have been able to enjoy the long standing and famous show due to our location, which offers us many benefits including an avoidance of traffic disruptions experienced by businesses on the Leeds side of Harrogate.

It has been wonderful to see so many people taking advantage of this year’s wonderfully good weather to explore the many stands and events on offer at the show ground. On the first day of the show a couple made their wedding vows in the Pavillions of Harrogate before spending the first hours of their married life celebrating. Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal visited the show ground yesterday and is reported to have enjoyed her visit.

Usually for such a large event there is at least one day of unexpected rain, however, this year it has stayed dry and this has added to the enjoyment of many.

We trust that anyone who visited had a wonderful time, and that those who didn’t were able to continue their working week as normal here, at Oakwood Park Business Centre, without disruption. To visit us, in our idyllic countryside location, please get in touch through our contacts page at any time of year. The traffic will not be a problem!

If you have not yet visited the Great Yorkshire Show and still wish to there is still some time left. To find out more please visit The Great Yorkshire Show website. 


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