Serviced Grounds with Outdoor Seating

Out of town office Grounds Seating by front Pond with Waterfall

As part of our serviced offices we look after the grounds here at Oakwood Park Business Centre. The lawns and carefully tended flowerbeds and rockeries are the first thing a visitor sees. Beautiful grounds create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for everyone working here and encourage people to get out and have a walk around on their breaks.

Paul does an amazing job at keeping our gardens looking good. This Summer he’s been telling me that whatever the weather forecasters have predicted for that day has been wrong more often than right. Weather that is predicted fails to materialise or the forecast changes dramatically throughout the day. When it has predicted sunshine we have had rain and when rain has been predicted we have had sun. Every hour the online forecast seems to change and contradict itself.

All in all, despite the challenges we’ve had a good Summer in terms of gardening. Extra drainage has been put into a particularly soggy lawn. We got grass seeds down on two separate occasions just before a series of heavy showers and a spate of warm weather – which has ensured they have taken and grown well. The lawns have been kept on top of and stayed tidy despite the showers doing their best to disrupt our lawn mowing schedule – and they’ve even been neatened up by an introduction to our new (to us) roller in Spring. This has helped to compact loose ground, even up the surfaces, and makes the lawns easier to mow. We have also installed a new fountain to improve the outdoor seating area.

Having watched the storms in America we were expecting bad weather here – perhaps even a chance to use our back up power generator… however, so far all we have had is rain, rain and a little more rain. A few heavy showers interspersed with dry spells. Be assured that if the generator gets put to use we will be telling you about it!

Plant wise the highlight of this Summer has to be the waterlilies. It’s been a wonderful year for them and they have grown abundantly in both ponds. As the weather cools off they will be going into hibernation for Winter so take a moment out of your busy working day to appreciate them before they do.


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