Questions to ask when searching for new office to rent

Example of an office to rent in The Gables at Oakwood Park

Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself When Searching for an Office to Rent near Harrogate

When searching for a new office to rent near Harrogate, you need to keep a strict budget in mind while ensuring the building has enough space for you and your employees and boasts the required facilities for you to work productively. Many companies make the mistake of renting an office that’s too small to save cash only to find themselves stuck in an inadequate workplace until their contract ends, but you can avoid ending up in the same situation if you set your sights on an out-of-town location.

At the Oakwood Park Business Centre, you’ll find modern, attractive and practical offices to rent in a prime location, just a seven-minute drive from the centre of Harrogate. We’re located just off the A61 near Ripley, meaning despite not having a town centre location, you can still take advantage of the town’s excellent transport links and amenities, and employees can reach your workplace quickly without having to contend with rush hour traffic.

With seven buildings at Oakwood Prk, it’s important to know what you require so that you can choose the most suitable office space to rent. Below, we detail some crucial questions that you should ask yourself when searching for a new office.

  1. How Many Meeting Rooms Do I Require?

Business owners often complain that their office has too few boardrooms and meeting rooms, so you should carefully think about how many you really need when deciding on which office to rent. If you’re anticipating growth, you’ll almost certainly require more than one meeting room.

  1. Will I Need to Hire Freelancers?

If you currently have a dozen employees, you’ll likely be looking for a small office to rent that can accommodate up to 15 desks comfortably. However, what happens if your team grows or you need to hire freelancers from time to time? Avoid trying to save money by renting an office that’s too small because if it can’t accommodate your workers, you could lose money in the long run.

  1. How Good Is the IT Infrastructure?

Nowadays, most companies require a stable and fast internet connection just to operate, which makes finding an office to rent with state-of-the-art facilities, such as superfast fibre internet, a necessity. Even an hour of downtime can result in thousands of pound’s worth of losses, so make sure you have a connection that won’t let you down.

  1. How Will My Employees Get to Work?

If you find a small office to rent in the town centre, employees can reach you work via car, bike and public transport, but they may have to rely on their own vehicle if you’re located a few miles out of town. Make sure there are enough parking spaces for you, your workers and visitors.

Learn More about the Modern Offices at the Oakwood Park Business Centre

Our offices reside in a beautiful location just minutes away from Harrogate, and because we’re just off the A61, we’re easy to reach from most North Yorkshire locations. If you’d like to find out more about the state-of-the-art facilities at our offices located at Oakwood Park Business Centre, Fountains Rd, Harrogate, HG3 3BF, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly professionals on 01423 779216.


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