Rural Office = Less Traffic

Rural Oakwood Park offices with parking

A rural office not so far far away…

There’s a misconception that an out of town rural office takes a long time to get to. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Queues within a town or city environment during rush hour are horrendous. What’s worse is that the traffic is at a standstill. It’s simply not moving very often – or at all. At Oakwood Park Business Centre our rural location means that you aren’t held up in long delays during your commute. Therefore you can get here and back faster than you anticipate….every day!

Think speed not distance

You may only be travelling a short distance but the speed at which you travel makes a huge difference. Traffic jams, volume of traffic and essential roadworks all need to be considered when thinking about the commute. On your way to work you don’t want to be worrying about parking…whether there’s a space left for you or how much the parking ticket will cost for the day. At Oakwood Park there is ample, free parking close to your office so where you leave you car need not be a concern again.

At the end of the day

When all you want to do is get home the last thing you need is to be sitting in queues…even if you have an extra couple of miles to travel it’s made so much easier if the traffic is flowing and moving.

Away from the traffic

When your office is based in the countryside you aren’t caught up in the rush hour mayhem. You are moving in the opposite direction to most other vehicles. The result of this is a shorter commute time, an easier drive and a pleasant journey.

Make a difference

When you have an easy, scenic and pleasant drive to work it sets you up in a good mood for the rest of the day. Work environment makes a huge difference to the way that you feel and to the productivity of you and your staff. Even the best tunes on the radio can’t make up for the frustration of sitting nose to tail for hours on end.

Be more Zen. Be more rural.

Office trends come and go. Ways to arrange your office for maximum efficiency and pleasurable user experience change as quickly as the fashions on the catwalk. However one thing that has come through from the different studies is that people care about where they work – and that this can have a positive impact on their productivity.

Everyone wants to work somewhere pleasant. Health and wellbeing is increasingly important. Working in the countryside gives access to fresh air, a tranquil environment and a potential lifestyle change.

Everything you need

A rural office has many benefits but it’s important that the essentials are also covered. See our services page for more information on our superfast internet and back up power generator or better yet contact us or give us a call to come and see for yourself what Oakwood Park is all about.


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