A rural office with hidden benefits

A rural office with good connections is a great choice

Rethink rural

At Oakwood Park Business Centre we specialise in rural office space of the highest quality. “Out in the sticks” is often given a negative connotation that it doesn’t deserve. A rural office gives you many benefits

  • Less time is spent commuting – saving on time, money and frustration
  • It’s easier to maintain focus, due to less distractions, which leads to greater productivity
  • Staff enjoy the environment and their time here which has positive knock on effects on all areas of HR
  • Car parking, time restrictions, parking fines and moving your car just aren’t an issue – a rural office means space and plenty of it.


With super-fast fibre optic broadband arranging meetings or events is easy. If you don’t want to use the meeting room there are some beautiful alternatives nearby. Why fight with the traffic of town when you don’t have to? Why have the stress and hassle when you can have ease and serenity instead? Your life will change for the better.

Ripley is a well-known and much loved attraction only a couple of minutes drive from Oakwood Park featuring a tearoom and other delights. Shops in Ripley, Birstwith and Markington contain delicacies to make your mouth water. If you prefer hot food The Chequers, The Hussars and The Inn are minutes away and are all famed for their good quality meals.


Conveniently placed between Ripon and Harrogate, we are just a short distance from the A61. It’s time to rethink your definition of ‘rural office’. No traffic lights, no queues, no flicking between radio stations as you wait. You will jump in the car and be here in no time at all. Forget the old stereotypes….with the convenience of cars, fast low-stress travel times and ample parking near commodities, ‘rural’ now means ‘community’, ‘connection’ and ‘convenience.’


At Oakwood Park Business Centre we have many thriving companies of all sizes. Be as solitary or as connected as you like by choosing the building most suited to you. Take a step towards joining our community today. Call us on 01423 779216 to arrange a no obligation rural office viewing at Oakwood Park Business Centre. You will be glad you did.


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