Working in snow, rain or sunshine

Snow outside Clocktower offices

A rural office in the snow…

Snow and an out of town business centre may not seem like a good combination, however, nothing could be further from the truth. During the recent snowy weather those that have struggled to get here have done so for one reason – they can’t get through the traffic in town. There’s a misconception that urban environments are easier to negotiate in bad weather. Harrogate struggles in the snow and many people arrive at work late or not at all because of it.

Avoid town in the snow

The main roads to Oakwood Park Business Centre are all gritted. Once you’re out of town the commute gets much easier. You avoid queues and traffic lights which all require you to stop and start your vehicle making the driving both easier and safer. Despite the unpredictable weather conditions businesses have continued to flourish at Oakwood this winter.

Clear roads leading to Oakwood Park in the snow

Significantly less traffic

The lower volume of traffic means that the snow need not be a problem. Oakwood Park business centre is found just off the A61- the main road linking Ripon and Harrogate – and because you are travelling away from town you avoid the long queues and hassle. Once off the A61 the rest of the roads are gritted and well used making travel possible.

Away from the traffic

Whether it is snowing, or raining or beautiful sunshine…with an office in the countryside you avoid rush hour mayhem and have a relaxed journey to work. Beautiful views await you as well as a pleasant and tranquil environment.

Ample car parking means snow isn't a problem

Everything you need

With super fast internet, lots of easy (and flat) parking, back up power generation and a professional and clean working environment, Oakwood Park Business Centre ticks all the boxes, come rain, shine or snow!

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