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How can fibre optic connectivity benefit my business?

As businesses become increasingly dependent on the internet, the demand for ever-increasing speeds and a reliable service intensifies. It makes sense to prepare your business for the future.

At Oakwood Park Business Centre we have installed the latest state of the art fibre optic technology which is an efficient and cost effective communications solution. The technology offers much more than just fast broadband, some of its features and benefits include:

  • Reduction in telephone costs – through the use of VOIP (voice over internet protocol) for business calls, no telephone line rental and cheaper call rates
  • Disaster recovery – be prepared for the unexpected through the use of remote off-site backups
  • Video conferencing – reduce travel expenses and time spent travelling by connecting with colleagues/clients worldwide, without leaving your office
  • Cloud computing – fibre optic technology supports Cloud computing.  Cloud computing allows you to access to your business software, resources and data files over the internet and from different locations.
  • Workforce flexibility through remote working – speedy staff access
  • Faster downloads and uploads – improving productivity and performance

What is the difference between ADSL & fibre optic broadband?

There are two main types of broadband ADSL and fibre optic.  The main difference between fibre optic broadband and ADSL is the way in which data travels over the two networks.  One uses copper phone wire (ADSL) and the other uses fibre optics.

How do fibre optics work?

Fibre optic technology works through the use of light. High tech equipment transmits data through pulses of light beamed through small optical fibres which are like strands of glass (as thin as human hair).  Signals sent through fibre optics can travel long distances without being diluted or weakened, which in turn offers high speed internet access and reliability.

ADSL is reaching its capacity

For years ADSL broadband (using copper wires) has been a standard in the UK. The main issue now is that the speed of broadband delivered over the current copper wire telephone system is reaching its limits and with increasingly large amounts of data currently being sent over the ADSL network, it will soon struggle to cope.

The speed you get with ASDL can vary depending on the distance of your office from the local BT exchange.  The further the data moves from a telephone exchange the weaker it gets, when it finally reaches a destination broadband speeds can often be drastically reduced resulting in poor performance.

Fibre optics is the technology for the future

Fibre optic broadband delivers a consistent and reliable high speed internet connection,  regardless of the distance between the user and the exchange.  This means out-of-town business parks such as Oakwood Park can offer connectivity speeds which can now outperform many town centre locations.

A number of companies are switching over to fibre optic broadband, not only does it offer high performance connectivity it can also cope with users downloading vast amounts of data.  As the technology advances so will the speeds, which means fibre optics will be here for some time to come.

How quickly will our business be connected?

Connectivity can be organised immediately, a distinct advantage over ADSL which can take some time waiting for the line to be active. This means you can start work the moment you unpack your office.

Computer with Clocktower reception
Voip Phone

Efficiency and flexibility … welcome to the world of VoIP

Bt landlines not required:- no line rental costs

Transfer your current phone number without restriction

You may also choose any geographic phone number eg Harrogate, Leeds, Ripon, London etc..

Answer calls at home if you can’t get into the office

Reduced phone costs

Rest Easy

Any interruption to the service receives top priority attention meaning in the rare event of a problem the disruption to your business is minimised

A back up power generator means that in the unlikely event of a power cut you can continue to work and brew your cups of tea while everyone else sits in the dark!

Back up Power Generator at Oakwood Park Business Centre
An Office with Staff in The Acorns

Build Your Business

More and more people are using the internet to do business or as a shopfront to their customers

A reliable internet connection  with quality of service means you can reach these people

As your business grows you have the option of increasing your connection speed and data usage should you wish to


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