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Saint Michael’s Hospice

Saint Michael’s believes high quality, end of life care is essential, and should be available to people irrespective of their diagnosis, their race, religion, sexuality or social status.
H3O has been launched in Saint Michael’s 30th year; it is an exclusive group of companies shaping the future of their local hospice care charity. A2G are very proud to be part of this new initiative…

“My reason for supporting the H30 initiative is a very personal one – my husband John who was an integral part of A2G, contracted terminal cancer last year; his last days were spent at St Michael’s Hospice. I experienced first-hand the excellent end of life care, respect and support that St Michael’s staff and helpers provided for John and also myself during a very emotional time.

I am very proud to support the H30 initiative which will help St Michaels extend its offering into our local community, giving support and care to a section of our society which is often forgotten and vulnerable.”

Berni Lewis
Managing Director

Barney and Echo / A2G

The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain
The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain is an organisation run by serving and retired police officers. The concept came from police officers’ experience whilst working with young people in their local communities. They realised that whilst there were avenues to help develop youth initiatives, there were only a few resources that focused solely on developing life skills and citizenship values, with the aims of reducing crime and disorder.

Citizenship is increasingly recognised by schools as a vital area of Personal, Social and Health Education. The programmes have been specifically designed to support teachers and parents in addressing bullying, vandalism, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, knife crime and other sensitive subjects with key stage 1 and 2 children.

My reason for supporting the Barney and Echo initiative is that I firmly believe that our young are our future, and that the broad education of our young, from both academic to addressing difficult subjects is of paramount importance in building an understanding and successful society for our children.
I personally felt that the Barney and Echo initiative broached subjects which are often difficult to address and discuss with young children, and I feel this is a valuable resource to help support both teachers and parents in addressing these issues.
Berni Lewis
Managing Director

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