Viewing an office – is it important?

Office Interior in The Oaks building at Oakwood Park Business Centre, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Think outside the budget box

When people look for offices they often start by thinking about budget. This approach needs to be turned on its head. The very first thing that should be organised when you are considering an office move is an office viewing – there are several good reasons to do so.

Compare accurately

To realistically compare prices it’s essential to have as much knowledge about the product as possible. Until you have seen the offices in question you have no idea what you are considering paying for. One person’s idea of a one or a ten person office may be dramatically different to another’s…and what one office park includes in the price another may not.

Not every office park prices in the same way. It’s important to find out exactly what is included in the price and what is not. What better way to find out than to ask face to face?

A viewing is the most reliable way to allow you to confidently compare what is out there.

A viewing can also tell you very quickly whether the office you are considering could potentially work for you or not.

What’s important to you?

Other factors may also be important such as car parking and communal areas, and while these can be discussed over the phone nothing gives a more realistic view than jumping into your car and popping by to see for yourself. How easy is it to park? Are there enough car parking spaces for your visitors? How convenient is the parking in terms of the office you’re looking at?

Another factor that is rarely considered is how easy is the office to travel to, and from, in rush hour. Most people commute to work at the same time of day. A supposedly short commute can take a long time if you’re sat nose to tail in traffic for the full journey. Out of town business parks bypass this problem completely due to their location. They are easy to access at any time of day. At Oakwood Park Business Centre we are regularly told how much faster the commute has become for those who move here. Most wouldn’t move back to an in-town location purely for that reason. Although the beautiful scenery and inclusive services may also play a part…

Be open to investing your time to find the right office

An office viewing is not a waste of time. You can find out important information that you may otherwise overlook.

A viewing will tell you the quality and standard of the office that you are considering. A viewing allows you to play with the size and shape of office you actually need – could you get by with a little less or maybe you need a little more than you thought? Is there an office that will work better for you in terms of shape or layout?

Book a viewing to meet people face to face so you know who you will be dealing with on a day to day basis. Ask whether there are there hidden costs or charges. Ask what happens if a light goes out, or the sink gets blocked or the car park is full. These things will effect your day to day life wherever you choose to go.

Without making time for a viewing you are comparing purely on theoretical knowledge. The reality of having an office somewhere is that it is your experience of it that actually counts. You are going to be in this office most days – if not every day – of the week.

Can you see yourself here at Oakwood Park Business Centre? Would you enjoy being in this environment? Does it give you what you need? Can you use this move to make a positive change in your lifestyle and your health? Does an extra mile or two on your commute really make a difference if it saves you ten minutes of time sitting bored at yet another set of traffic lights?

Actions speak louder than words

Questions are always best answered by investing a little time to look around the options available to you. Use the internet to locate viable options but then take the most important step of picking up the phone.

Book a no-obligation viewing with us today on 01423 779216 and come and see what we can offer you at Oakwood Park Business Centre.


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